About Me

Hi everybody and welcome!



I am a very open person trying to look at ordinary world situations in a little different light, think about those moments in my mind and transform them into my abstract paintings – that is the thing I love the most.

Culture is very personal business for me, also because each day I am surrounded by different types of art from each side – theatre, dance & music.

Have a great time watching my artwork and do not hesitate to send me some feedback, I’ll be glad.

Warmest regards, S.

The Process

All my paintings are absolutely unique.

I love to work with the colors and their variations. The colors bring me a lot of inspiration. My paintings are 100% handmade, each one is a original piece.

I work only with high quality materials and professional colors.

Would you like to see my life with the colors? Follow me on instagram @svetlansart

The Process